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The House That Jack Built

Tulsa, OK-based Jack Arnold is an internationally-acclaimed architect and builder. He favors upscale Old French style homes, with designs that are tailored to the fast-growing boomer/empty nester market.

And, knowing that cold hard floors lack little appeal to a last-home buyer - designed with retirement in sight - radiant heat plays a key role in providing what Jack refers to as a home's need for "absolute comfort."

Customers frequently fly in to meet with Jack and his staff. So he saw the need for a design home to show how Old World and contemporary features can work in concert. Today, Jack's 6,500 square-foot "Lifestyle House" in Tulsa serves as a beacon for customers, offering a way to see and feel the his unique blend of design, technology and function.

A focal point is the radiant floor system that features hydronic in-slab, under-floor and electric mat radiant heat. The appearance of a simple gravel driveway with graceful loop in front of the home belies the snowmelt technology at work below the surface. Flexible Onix tubing was easily pressed into plastic egg carton-like forms. Filled with glycol-water antifreeze, the pipes efficiently transmit heat to the gravel above, keeping it free of snow and ice during the winter months.

The mechanical package is proudly displayed behind French doors in a nicely appointed garage area. There, they mounted a pre-designed HydroControl Panel by Watts Radiant. This master control and distribution unit - the "brain" of the system - was engineered to manage all facets of the hydronic radiant heat and snowmelt.

Now it's during the winter months that Jack most enjoys taking customers through the Lifestyle House. "The single most compelling feature for customers in the winter months is the radiant heat," said Jack. "It's passed the 'absolute comfort' test time and time again."


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