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Radiant For Raptors and Macropods!

Rehabitat, Inc., chooses floor heat for ailing animals

Plumbing and mechanical contractor Dave Yates admits occasional frustration at customers who seem unwilling to make decisions and waffle 'til it hurts. But on this sales call, he came face-to-face with the biggest communications challenge of all: a group of customers who simply couldn't speak for themselves.

Yates is president of F. W. Behler, Inc., a York, PA-based plumbing and mechanical firm that specializes in radiant heat. He's been in the business a long time, so it's hard to surprise him with something entirely new. But he knew quickly that there was something unique about this visit when, following his invitation into the kitchen, a young kangaroo sauntered over to his place at the table as if to say, "you're in m' spot, bub."

Yates was introduced to Owen, the larger of several macropods at the non-profit animal rehabilitation, breeding and release center in rural Dillsburg, PA. Wendy Looker, who manages Rehabitat, Inc., explained that, though their budget was tight, the many animals there would benefit from the comfort of radiant heat. Soon afterward, she and Dave agreed on the scope of the job, and a price that worked because she could muster a large volunteer work force.

The system they settled on for the new, 1,800 square foot building would be divided into three distinct areas: office/dogs; raptors; and macro-pods. To further reduce installation time, Yates would install a pre-manufactured "HydroControl" injection panel made by Watts Radiant.

And, during their first winter with radiant comfort, the warm macro-pods, raptors, and canine critters were comfortably cuddling up to the warm concrete slab, resting well and healing remarkably well. Radiant heat was just what the doctor ordered.


Dillsburg, PA


Dave Yates, F. W. Behler, Inc., York PA

Radiant Systems Installer

Doug Davis, Davis Plumbing & Heating


Watts Radiant HydroControl Panel, RadiantPEX, Onix

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