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Case Studies

Radiant in the Rockies

A tale of two homes

The Chambers residence near Kalispell, Montana, is a custom-built log home with 6,500 square feet of pure comfort. In this home, Doug Davis, Davis Plumbing & Heating, Columbia Falls, MT, used 3/8" Onix tubing for every room of the house, encasing it in lightweight concrete.

"I've used Onix tubing for 12 years and haven't once been disappointed," he says. Davis also designs and installs his own injection systems. "I'm not afraid of complex radiant jobs," he added. "In fact, we like a good challenge - and this has helped us to differentiate ourselves from other installers. Builders in this area recognize that we take our work seriously, and that we're reluctant to use anything but the very best materials availabel; Watts Radiant products have been a key ingredient from the beginning."

For Davis, who's been in business since 1986, radiant is the only heat source he offers. Typical jobsites are new custom homes in the $1 million to $4 million range.


Flathead Valley region, Montana


Casey Malmquist, Malmquist Construction

Radiant Systems Installer

Doug Davis, Davis Plumbing & Heating



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