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Mechanical Innovation; All-Season Radiant

Remote wilderness medical school chooses sustainability


NOLS Wyss Wilderness Medicine Campus.


Build the campus training center to stringent LEED Platinum guidelines.


The facility experiences raw, unchecked winter weather with very few infrastructure amenities. The building needed to be well-constructed, tight, and ready for the worst of winter conditions. Summer comfort was a benefit.


14,000 lineal feet of Watts Radiant PEX+ tekmar controls.


The facility is heated and cooled radiantly – exceeding LEED Platinum standards.

The Wyss campus lies at the base of the Wind River Mountains, far from civilization. The setting adds measurably to the experience and quality of training that focuses solely on wilderness first aid and medicine.

Every facet of the new campus project was aimed at sustainability – with interacting technologies to minimize water and energy consumption, such as radiant heating and cooling.

14,000 lineal feet of Watts Radiant PEX+™ was installed in concrete at NOLS, tied into a geothermal system, with tekmar 406 microprocessor controls serving as the brains of the operation.

Each of the facility’s 10 zones had its own slab sensor, making it readily available to call for heated or cooled glycol to be circulated through PEX loops at any given time. Each zone is served by a tekmar 557 digital thermostat, monitoring the humidity and temperature.

The radiant heating and cooling operates and provides year-round comfort, with comfort and energy efficiency far exceeding expectations.




Radiant heating/cooling


Lander, WY


Watts Radiant PEX+, Watts stainless steel pre-manufactured recess boxes, tekmar controls

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