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High Plains Radiant

When Pueblo Indians were crafting the first structures in Southwest desert regions, simple adobe walls of thick mud and straw were incredibly effective at insulating families from the harsh conditions outside. Today, modern homes in the same region mimic the adobe style, though new amenities have greatly enhanced indoor comfort.

Installer Mike Richardson keeps things simple, too. Yet his systems, all built into homes under construction, deliver incredible comfort and reliability.

In-slab radiant heat systems, using only 200-foot Onix loops (+/-10 or 20'), allow Mike to eliminate balancing valves and the need to balance individual loops. This reduces installation cost and permits easy training of new employees. Similarly, boiler hookup is trouble-free. He uses efficient and lightweight copper tube boilers and Honeywell zone valves, using a single pump in most instances to circulate fluids. "Too many bells and whistles only confuse the homeowner and add little in the way of system value," says Mike.

For 25 years, Mike's crews have worked for the Santa Fe region's most discriminating builders. They're all long-term customers, and the waiting list is substantial. "We turn away 100 jobs a year," he says. "But our 'No Compromises' promise means that we can't serve everyone. And our loyalty to companies like Watts Radiant is an important part of the customer loyalty that keeps us profitably in business year after year."


Santa Fe, NM

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Onix tubing w/oxygen barrier

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