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Bulls Goes Radiant with New Soccer Facility

LandTek Group, Inc


York Red Bulls professional soccer team.


Build a year-round, weather-proof, real turf training and practice facility that will sustain growth even in the winter months.


Natural turf takes a beating, especially in winter, so Red Bull managers needed a system to protect a lot of turf.


Root-zone warming with 135,300 lineal feet of Watts Radiant non-oxygen barrier PEX and buried custom HDPE manifolds.


Players were able to use the field only weeks after the field installations.

It’s branded as the drink that fuels human ambition, stirs physical exuberance and emboldens the spirit. Red Bull. And when the corporation behind the brand puts their effort into new enterprise, there’s grit n' gusto in it.

That’s why, when the New York Red Bulls began construction of a new training and practice facility for their professional soccer team (some consider it the “birthplace” of soccer icon David Beckham), they opted for a root zone warming system for one of the big playing fields in East Hanover, NJ.

One of the turf fields will go dormant during the winter months while the other will stay green through the influence of a warm glycol solution circulated in tubing embedded about half a foot below.

The turf-warming system for the field was sized for nine million BTUs. The use of radiant heat within the root zone helps keep the grass healthy and active during the winter season.

A total of 135,300 lineal feet of ¾" Watts Radiant PEX tubing was installed on the project in multiple zones. Custom six-inch Watts Radiant HDPE manifolds are buried under the turf to help evenly distribute heat through the radiant tubing.


Sports Facility


Turf Warming


East Hanover, NJ


Watts Radiant non-barrier PEX

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