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An All-American Retrofit

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Kaiser family.


For more space, the Kaisers added a second-story – meaning extra heat load for the added living space. The family also wanted to abandon the old fin-tube baseboard heat.


The homeowner requested that all products used be made in the United States.


Watts Radiant Onix™ EPDM tubing, RadiantPEX+™ tubing, and SmartTrac™ radiant panel system were installed.


An all-American retrofit radiant system built around maximum efficiency and comfort.

Last year, homeowner Lincoln Kaiser and a group of his neighbors in Westwood, MA persuaded their local gas utility to put a natural gas supply line down his street. Once the fuel was available, the Kaiser family moved forward with a natural-gas heating system retrofit.

Because their family had grown, they wanted more space in their ranch-style home. Moving was not an option. Nor did they want to use up yard space for an addition. So, they went up.

“I was switching to an all-American fuel; would I consider doing the same with my new heating equipment?” Kaiser asked himself.

They wanted radiant heat. The downstairs baseboard was removed and Watts Radiant Onix EPDM tubing was stapled into joist bays. Upstairs, a Watts Radiant SmartTrac panel system was installed over the OSB subfloor. “We chose Watts because this was an all-American retrofit. The superior quality and the fact that it’s made in the United States made it an easy decision.”

Now, the Kaisers look forward to a new radiant system built around efficiency, comfort, and the satisfaction in knowing they truly got their all-American retrofit.


Residential housing


Radiant heating


Westwood, MA


Onix EPDM tubing, Watts SmartTrac RadiantPEX+ tubing

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