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Watts Radiant | Floor Heating & Snow Melting

Hydronic Building Blocks


Choose Watts Radiant pre-built mechanical panels for simplified specification & installation

Remove unpredictability and ensure the installed system is the same as the designed system. Panels and skids offer a factory-built, professional appearance, quick installation and a factory warranty.


  • Boiler stations / 3-way mixing option
  • Headers to connect 2 to 5 stations
  • Low loss header options

ThermalPro™ Standard

  • Zone Panels with or without actuators
  • Built-in pump, control and 3-way mixing options

HydroControl & HydroSkid

  • Custom mechanical systems fabricated to your specifications
  • Commercial, industrial and institutional solutions
  • Quality components
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  • Products
  • ThermalPro
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