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Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

SubRay | Modular Radiant Subfloor System

SubRay Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

SubRay™ is a safe, practical and easy way to install radiant floor heating over frame or slab floors. SubRay can be installed as a whole-house heating system, or used to heat a basement or room addition.

SubRay Installation

Modular Makes It Simple

A system of headers and sleepers make installation of hydronic radiant floors a simple matter.

Header Sticks hold radiant tubing at each end of the room and space it on 8" centers.

Sleepers are 6" wide (±1/8"), are installed 2-1/8" apart. They support the finish floor and provide a radiant heat channel for the tubing.

Radiant Tubing from Watts Radiant such as RadiantPEX+® or Onix™ makes the system complete providing clean, efficient and silent operation.

Compared To Thin Slabs SubRay Is...

Thin - 5/8" or 3/4" thick

Lightweight - Less than 2 lbs. per square foot.

Moisture-Free - No hundreds of gallons of moisture to manage.

An easy installation - No need to wait weeks for the slab to cure. No scheduling problems with separate subcontractors.

Compared To Other Slab Alternatives, SubRay Is...

Clean - No messy silicone needed.

Two sizes - 15mm (5/8") for 3/8" RadiantPEX+; 18mm (3/4") for 1/2" RadiantPEX+ or Onix.

Silent - Floating design. Won't pop and squeak like some aluminum plate systems.

Quality - Header Stick, Corner Sweep and all other SubRay components are made with cabinet-grade, Group 1 Baltic Birch.

Sleepers are made from a high quality, multi-layer, water and humidity resistant, Douglas Fir plywood with two sides sanded.

Economical - Uses standard ASTM tubing and fittings.