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Cross section of R-flex Dual

A Solid Proven System

R-flex is a pre-insulated, flexible, energy-saving PEX1 piping system with a durable, waterproof outer cover. R-flex is used as cost-effective distribution for heating and cooling applications in schools, universities, resorts, housing developments, and much more. It consists of a long-lasting PEX carrier pipe or pipes surrounded by thick insulation layers, all contained in a unique double-wall outer casing for maximum protection. The flexibility and light weight of R-flex make it far easier to install than rigid piping systems.

Flexible, Fast, and Easy

R-flex derives a unique benefit from the use of the polyethylene foam insulation and the double-wall outer shell; increased flexibility. This feature provides an advantage when running R-flex between buildings, around trench corners, or through wall penetrations. The ability to maintain tighter bends makes handling easier and installations quicker.

Simply dig a trench, lay down a sand foundation, and lay the R-flex in a gentle serpentine pattern. R-flex is self-compensating, eliminating the need for expensive expansion loops.

Single and Dual R-flex carrier pipe options provide greater system design flexibility and reduced installation time.

Long coil lengths minimize the need for mid-run connections translating into reduced installation costs and a reduced potential of leaks.

Dual-Wall Outer Jacket

Dual-Wall Outer Jacket

A double-wall, corrugated, high density polyethylene PE-HD twin outer wall casing protects both the carrier pipe and the insulation from jobsite damage and water absorption. The unique double-wall casing offers far superior protection and greater flexibility compared to single-wall products or installer fabricated methods.

PE Foam Insulation

PE Foam Insulation

Surrounding the inner PEX carrier pipe are several layers of micro-cellular, cross-linked polyethylene foam with a closed cellular structure. This unique design provides R-flex a low water vapor absorption, enhanced R-value insulation, and an excellent resistance to extreme temperatures.

Superior Protection

R-flex is able to maintain its insulation properties over time. Other insulation types, such as polyurethane (PUR) foam, can crush when the pipe is bent, causing them to lose their insulative properties.

PEX Pipe

PEX Pipe

At the core of R-flex is either one or two barrier PEX carrier pipes. Each of the carrier PEX pipes is coated with an EVOH oxygen barrier which prevents oxygen from permeating into the piping system. Reducing oxygen in a closed-loop hydronic system increases the life expectancy of the system components.

Barrier PEX Advantage

  • High resistance to corrosion and pressure at high temperatures
  • Exceptionally high abrasion resistance
  • Superb chemical resistance
  • Proven product with excellent longevity at high temperatures

The Art of Simplicity

Traditional carrier pipes, such as copper or black iron, require installers to cut and install transition fittings to work around an obstacle. With R-flex, installers no longer have to cut pipe and add connecting points. R-flex bends around the obstacle.

Fewer connections translate into reduced cost of parts and labor, less risk of leakages, and shorter installation times. Each buried transition, or connection, is sealed in a durable casing, protecting the connections from stress, water, and the effects of time. Moreover, R-flex system accessories can be installed without any special tools.

R-flex connections are an additional time-saver. Each connection is made with a standard torque wrench. No special tools required.

Product image of a R-flex compression coupling.
  1. R-flex PEX is manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility for Watts Europe using the Engel extrusion method. Watts Europe has manufactured millions of feet of insulated PEX since 1994.
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