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Watts Radiant | Floor Heating & Snow Melting

Cross-Linked Polyethylene Tubing with Oxygen Barrier

RadiantPEX+ | Cross-linked Polyethylene Tubing with EVOH Barrier

The cross-linked molecular structure of RadiantPEX+™ offers toughness, flexibility and lasting durability. It is corrosion resistant, virtually maintenance free, and withstands temperatures ranging from below freezing to 200oF (93.3 C).

RadiantPEX+ combines all of the traditional advantages of plastic PEX tubing, but with an EVOH oxygen barrier. Adding protection against corrosion for the various ferrous components of a heating system.

RadiantPEX+ is manufactured to meet the American Standard Testing Method for cross-linked polyethylene tubing (ASTM F 876-09), and all sizes are made to the Standard Dimension Ratio for plastic pipes, SDR 9.

Keepin' it real… quiet.

Radiant systems that use PEX are known for comfort, but are also notorious for noise. As the system starts warming up, the tubing expands causing it to rub aginst the floor and fasteners holding it. The friction from this rubbing creates ticking or creaking.

You won't get that with RadiantPEX+. We've added an extra low-friction layer that greatly reduces expansion noise.

Comfort should be felt, not heard.

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