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Watts Radiant | Floor Heating & Snow Melting

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Watts Radiant | Electric Floor Warming Systems

Feel Wonderful

Watts Radiant products deliver true radiant heating. Warm floors are also dry floors and that is important in any bathroom, kitchen, or entry.

Warm Your Cold Floors

Install Watts Radiant TapeMat™ or WarmWire® cables to warm almost any floor covering. They work great in new construction or remodeling and in projects of any size. Add warm floors to rooms with north walls, cantilevered floors, and ice cold concrete slabs.

Easy To Install

We have a product sized exactly for your project. Watts Radiant TapeMats and WarmWire cables come in many different sizes and they can be shaped and used in combinations to warm any room.

Control Your Comfort

Your SunStat® control uses a floor sensor to control temperature, and will turn the system on and off based on your personal schedule. You can manage your operating costs precisely with a SunStat.

Use our LoudMouth™ monitor when you install our radiant products. The LoudMouth monitors the heating elements and sets off an alarm if they are ever damaged… before you finish the floor, not after.

There's a system for every budget. The average operating cost is about a dime a day.

Number One In North America

Award-winning Watts Radiant products are the most requested electric radiant heating products in North America. You'll find more options, more sources, more support, and more satisfaction with Watts Radiant.

Engineered For Safety

Watts Radiant is the safest electric floor warming system in the world. Our controls are GFCI protected. The shielded power leads and heating elements are fully grounded from one end to the other. The heating elements are reinforced with ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) insulation. All Watts Radiant heating elements are manufactured with a braided twin-wire design to reduce electromagnetic fields (EMF) to ultra-low levels and are tested to the independently-verified Radiant Electric Emissions Test (REET) standard for use in living areas. No other radiant system in the world offers this combination of safety features.

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