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Watts Radiant | Floor Heating & Snow Melting

These controls are being added to bring more depth to our current control offering and should address some key needs in your market.

Hydronic Controls

Radiant Thermostat 519

Radiant Thermostat 519

The Radiant Thermostat 519 accurately controls the room and/or floor temperature for a hydronic-heating zone using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology. Simple up and down buttons and a display with large type makes this thermostat easy to read and use. A Floor Sensor 079 is included to measure floor temperature to protect the floor from overheating and enhance comfort. This easy to install thermostat is a direct replacement for the DualTemp Thermostats.

Mixing Control 356

Mixing Control 356

The Mixing Control 356 is designed to operate a mixing pump to control the temperature in a hot water heating system using Outdoor Temperature Reset. It can be used in applications ranging from in-floor radiant to commercial baseboard systems for boiler protection with full reset. This control regulates a single heating water temperature through Outdoor Temperature Reset. It provides mixing by speeding up or slowing down a single permanent capacitor (standard wet rotor) circulator.

Snow Melting Control 654

Snow Melting Control 654

The Snow Melting Control 654 is designed to operate hydronic or electric equipment to melt snow or ice from a driveway, loading dock, sidewalk, patio, helipad or car wash bay. The snow melt surface temperature is controlled using slab outdoor temperature reset to reduce operating energy costs. The 654 provides automatic start and stop when used with the Snow / Ice Sensor 090. Automatic start with a timed stop is available when used with the Snow Sensor 095. The 654 can operate a dedicated hydronic boiler or a mixing valve. Isolation relays are required to operate line voltage pumps. Electric systems require a separate GFCI and electrical relay contactor.


Slab Sensor 072 – 20’ (6 m) wire

Slab Sensor 072

The Slab Sensor 072 is designed to measure temperature in outside snow melting slabs. It has a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sleeve, which is designed for use in conduits, soils, or concrete, as it is suitable for direct burial. This product is supplied with 20 ft (6 m) of 2-conductor cable.

Floor Sensor 079 - 10’ (3 m) wire

Floor Sensors - 079

The Floor Sensor 079 is commonly used for floor temperature sensing in floor heating applications. The thin casing allows for retrofit installation between tile spaces if necessary. This sensor is designed to provide a thermostat with the ability to maintain a minimum slab temperature, or help to limit the maximum slab temperature.

Universal Sensor 082 – 8’ (2.4 m) wire

Sensors 082

The Universal Sensor 082 is a 10-kΩ-temperature sensor designed to be strapped onto a pipe. It is most commonly used to monitor supply and return water temperatures. This product has a brass sleeve for fast response, a wide operating range, an indent to allow pipe strap on installation, and 8 ft (2.4 m) of 2-conductor wire.

Snow/Ice Sensor 090 (In Slab)

Snow/ic Sensor 090

The Snow/Ice Sensor 090 is an in ground sensor used with Watts Radiant snow melting controls to automatically detect snow or ice on a driveway or walkway. The 090 has 65 ft (20 m) of wire. This product can be used in applications ranging from residential driveways to commercial building fronts such as emergency access entries. This sensor allows Watts Radiant snow melting controls to automatically operate the snow/ice melt system only when snow or ice is present, while also providing slab temperature feedback to the control.

Snow/Ice Socket 091 (In Slab)

Snow/Ice Socket 091

The Snow/Ice Sensor Socket 091 is designed to provide a mounting solution for the Snow/Ice Sensor 090. It is installed directly into a concrete slab when the slab is poured, so that the 090 can be installed into it once dry.

Snow Sensor 095 (Aerial)

Snow Sensor 095

The Snow Sensor 095 is an aerial mounted sensor for use together with Snow Melting Controls to automatically detect falling snow to start the snow melting equipment. System stop is provided by the control's timer or by manual disable. Mounted to a 1/2" metal or PVC conduit or pole, the 095 is well suited to adding automatic start when retrofitting an existing snow melt system.

Outdoor Sensor 070

Snow/ic Sensor 090

The Outdoor Sensor 070 is designed to provide accurate sensing of the outdoor temperature for display and control operation. Controls that operate based on Outdoor Temperature Reset use this product to provide outdoor reset operation. Many controls and thermostats can connect to the 070 to display the outdoor temperature on their LCD screens.

Wireless Outdoor Sensor 087

Snow/Ice Socket 091

The Wireless Outdoor Sensor 087 provides outdoor temperature measurement in any application without exterior wiring. The transmitter and receiver are sold pre-linked and are installation-ready. With exceptional range and a 10 year battery life, the Wireless Outdoor Sensor 087 provides maximum accuracy, convenience and reliabilty.

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