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Watts Radiant Unveils PE-RT Tubing for Heating, Cooling, and Snow Melting Applications

Watts Radiant recently released RadiantPERT™, a new line of polyethylene raised temperature (PE-RT) tubing for use in hydronic heating, cooling, snow melting, and distribution applications. The RadiantPERT tubing includes an oxygen barrier, features ratings up to 180°F (82°C) at 80 psi, and offers greater flexibility than other tubing products.

RadiantPERT is manufactured with Dowlex™ 2344, which offers high strength, high temperature resistance, and long life without cross-linking. RadiantPERT tubing is constructed with five layers: The core and outermost layer are PE-RT. Sandwiched in the middle is an integral ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) DIN Standard 02 barrier that limits oxygen diffusion through the walls of the tubing to less than 0.10/m3/day at 104°F (40°C) water temperature.

RaidantPERT uses the same fast and reliable Watts Radiant connection systems that have been used with PEX for years, including CinchClamps™ stainless steel connectors, CrimpRings™ precision-formed, ductile copper connectors, and T-20 compression fittings.

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