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Watts Radiant introduces R-flex™, a Pre-Insulated Piping System

Watts Radiant is introducing a flexible, pre-insulated piping system called R-flex™. R-flex consists of Single or Dual PEX carrier pipe(s) surrounded by a thick layer of cross-linked PEX foam insulation. All of this is protected by a thick, double-wall corrugated outer shell.

R-flex is able to maintain tighter bends, which means easier handling and faster installations. The benefits of the unique insulation design are low water vapor absorption, enhanced R-value, and excellent resistance to extreme temperatures. The double wall casing offers superior protection against heat loss. R-flex is available in longer coil lengths for fewer connections in the field and a decreased risk of leaks. An added feature is there are no special tools are required to install R-flex.

Insulated piping is for use in exterior applications only. A few examples of applications include hydronic heating and snow melting, district heating, geothermal, solar, and commercial process piping.

For further information on R-flex insulated piping system, please visit our website at or call 800-276-2419.

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