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Watts Radiant introduces additional choices to its HydroNex® panels

Watts Radiant's "HydroNex" line of modular, off-the-shelf control panels are pre-assembled and pre-engineered for quick specifying and installation. HydroNex building block panels enable you to accurately and quickly design, bid and sell more jobs.

Watts Radiant's new Source Select panel brings renewable energy to your building project. This panel uses the best energy sources including solar, biomass, geothermal or energy recovery. If your first choice is depleted, the controls will switch over to a back-up source automatically. When a renewable source is available, that energy gets the priority.

Watts Radiant's HydroNex Geothermal panels make it fast and easy to tie ground source heat pumps into radiant heating or snow melt systems. Pre-piped and wired mechanical panels allow the heat pump to operate at the lowest possible water temperature, ensuring maximum efficiency and compressor life.

Watts Radiant offers an entire range of HydroNex panels for any application or heat source. Factory built, tested, and warranted, HydroNex panels offer the ultimate in confidence for any contractor.

Please visit our website at or call Watts Radiant at 800-276-2419 for further information.

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